Music Year 8

Unit 1

Significant concept:

We use basic elements and principles to record the world around us and realize new possibilities

Unit Question: How do musician use the basic elements and principles of sound to create unique cultural or ethnic music?

AOI: Human Ingenuity

ATL: Information Literacy & Thinking


Websites that feature World Music


September 19, 2012

World Music often takes two or more different ethnic or cultural sounds and combines them to create unique musical expressions. This process is called fusion an is evident in the following pieces found on YouTube:

Afro Celt Sound System – Irish/African fusion:

Ao Music – Pan Cultural:

Varttina – Jazz/Finnish Folk Music:


These fusions of sound stem from common aural tradition that date back centuries. Chief amount them are:

Tibetian Bowl Music:

Gregorian Chant:

Native American Flute:

Chinese Flute (note the similarities with the Native American Flute):


For More Information About World Music:


October 10, 2012

Before our break we took a listen to fusion and how it occurs in various world music. One aspect of fusion is how musicians take a simple indigenous music and add a modern complexity to it. Much of that complexity comes from the addition of harmony.

Harmony is the most exotic of the elements and has the sense that its magical or other worldly. We will watch a wonderful video that will shed some light on this really cool basic element of music. As music has evolved, harmonic rules that guide musician is the use of harmony have become more and more complex but have also resulted in the rich, intricate melding of sounds we so enjoy and that inspire in us a wide range of emotions and responses.

Harmonic experiences can be had from all forms of music. the Gamelan Orchestras of Java and Indonesia create harmony with different pitched bars.

Where as the Jazz Vocal Group “Manhattan Transfer” create rich jazz harmonies with their voices.


Unit 2

Significant concept:

We experiment and explore to discover new knowledge and understand things more deeply

Unit Question:  How do musicians discover and incorporate cultural and ethic styles to develop new music motifs?

AOI: Health & Social Ed.

ATL: Communication & Information Literacy



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